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A Better Conversation offers an array of online and in-person services to help individuals and organizations have better conversations.

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It’s Time for A Better Conversation

At A Better Conversation serves to help people have exactly that – a better conversation.  We plan to bring our ideas and services to help individuals and groups have A Better Conversation on a range of topics.  From the serious, such as religion and spirituality, or education.  To the sublime, such as food and music.  To the seemingly frivolous, such as clothes and personal style.  To the practical, such as how to effectively deal with your crummy boss and cope with the pressure to be the perfect parent.

But we are beginning with the serious.  Religion and spirituality.  And who knows?  The other topics – and more – may come up as well.

We invite you to join us, explore and discuss what you believe and have faith in, and what these phenomena mean to you, and their importance and their in your lives.  There are no right answers here.  No one way to believe or to practice what you believe.  We’re here for a much broader purpose.  To provide the space and openness to help you understand and articulate what you believe and have faith in, and everything in your life that is associated with these.

Please join us.  We promise it will be fun, enlivening, provocative, and illuminating.  And oh yeah, did we say fun?!














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This is great! To me, the Tai Chi parallel comes up in a couple of ways. Often, in movement, when we think we’re stuck, it’s because we’re fixated on the wrong thing….so rooting and releasing, reconnecting to the ground, actually releases what we thought was the stuck spot, or moves the barrels. Same thing happens in the two-person interactive practices, with a twist: the point of conflict, where we’re contesting the other person with direct strength, is never the Tai Chi solution. Sure, force on force works sometimes, but the true Tai Chi resolution to the situation isn’t “I win by force”, i.e. The Beeper, but when I can enter the Tai Chi state, resolution will occur and it’s not the forced outcome that either of us had in mind….Similar? Or slightly different? Good stuff!

- Dan from Massachusetts

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