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A Better Conversation offers an array of online and in-person services to help individuals and organizations have better conversations.

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It’s Time for a Better Conversation

To have A Better Conversation is to learn, try to understand, be creative and genuinely listen and be heard.

A Better Conversation provides an open-ended framework that encourages us to talk with one another in a whole new way. Using creative questions and insights to spark intelligent and respectful conversation, A Better Conversation seeks to inspire all of us to understand ourselves, our assumptions, and our values, and encourages curiosity, to help all of us better understand the complexity that surrounds us everyday.

When we ask open-ended questions about what people really think, what matters to them, and why they do what they do, all kinds of amazing things happen.

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This is great! To me, the Tai Chi parallel comes up in a couple of ways. Often, in movement, when we think we’re stuck, it’s because we’re fixated on the wrong thing….so rooting and releasing, reconnecting to the ground, actually releases what we thought was the stuck spot, or moves the barrels. Same thing happens in the two-person interactive practices, with a twist: the point of conflict, where we’re contesting the other person with direct strength, is never the Tai Chi solution. Sure, force on force works sometimes, but the true Tai Chi resolution to the situation isn’t “I win by force”, i.e. The Beeper, but when I can enter the Tai Chi state, resolution will occur and it’s not the forced outcome that either of us had in mind….Similar? Or slightly different? Good stuff!

- Dan from Massachusetts

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